歌詞中並沒有片名Casino Royale,卻有機率(odds)、手牌(a hand)、紅磚(diamonds)等和賭博有關的詞。此外歌詞中還有說到忠貞("When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me?")、背叛("The odds will betray you")以及冷血陽剛的007("Forget how to feel"、"The coldest blood runs through my veins"等)。總的來說,主題曲You Know My Name還蠻符合這集所擁有的特質。


You Know My Name
Lyrics by Chris Cornell    Music by David Arnold    Sing by Chris Cornell

If you take a life do you know what you'll give?
Odds are, you won't like what it is
When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me?
By the merciless eyes of deceit? 

I've seen angels fall from blinding heights
But you yourself are nothing so divine
Just next in line 

Arm yourself because no-one else here will save you
The odds will betray you
And I will replace you
You can't deny the prize it may never fulfill you
It longs to kill you
Are you willing to die? 

The coldest blood runs through my veins
You know my name 

If you come inside things will not be the same
When you return to the night
And if you think you've won
You never saw me change
The game that we all been playing 

I've seen diamonds cut through harder men
Than you yourself
But if you must pretend
You may meet your end 

Try to hide your hand
Forget how to feel
Forget how to feel 

Life is gone with just a spin of the wheel
Spin of the wheel 

You know my name*7

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