From Facebook fan Landon Manias: Mr. Yates, you have been a wonderful asset to the movie franchise. When you first started directing The Order of the Phoenix, did you ever think you would go on to be the director to finish up and complete the movie franchise?

Q: 葉慈導演,你可以算是這部續集電影很棒的推手了。剛開始執導「鳳凰會的密令」時,當時你有想過自己會成為完結整部系列的導演嗎?

Never. It was an amazing opportunity just to be asked to come and do one Harry Potter film. I loved what Alfonso Cuaron had done with Azkaban, and Mike Newell’s film was so generous, and, of course, Chris had set the whole world up with the first two movies, so it was a real incredible, exciting opportunity for me, and I figured I would just be there for one movie. But, interestingly, when I was starting to edit the film, I’d had such a good time shooting it and making it, I used to joke with my editor, Mark Day, and say to him, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we did another one?” And then I’d say to him, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we finished the last three?” Because at that time there were only going to be three movies. And we used to joke and fool around about it. And then I was finishing [Harry Potter] 5, and the guys asked me if I would be interested in doing Half-Blood Prince, and then it just kind of rolled in…so I never, ever anticipated I would stay.

A: 我完全沒想過。能夠有執導哈利波特的機會已經相當榮幸了。我很喜歡阿方索科朗對《阿茲卡班的逃犯》的設計,也認為麥可紐威爾的作品(《火盃的考驗》)相當豐富,同時克里斯在前兩集將整個魔法世界建構起來,所以這是非常棒、非常令人興奮的機會,對我而言。我本來以為我只會執導一部電影而已,但很有趣的是,當我開始剪片的時候,我發現在整個拍攝過程中我非常享受,我跟我的剪接Mark day開玩笑說「再拍另一部好不好?」我還跟他說:「繼續拍完最後三集好像也不錯?」因為當時整系列只剩下三部片了,我們常常用這個來開玩笑。後來當我製作完第五集,他們(指電影公司)問我我有沒有興趣導《混血王子》,所以就這樣水到渠成了…。真的!我真的從以前到現在都沒有想過,我會繼續待下來。

From Twitter user @KatieHagueee: For this last film, how close do you think you stayed to the book? And did you have to cut anything major out of it?

Q: 對於這部最終篇,你認為你有多忠於原著?你有沒有必須砍掉什麼重要的部分?

We wanted this film to include as much as possible – that’s the reason we split it across two movies. I would say there’s nothing of significance that we took out. We were very, very careful to try and be as generous as we could be. We added a couple of things, actually, which were in the spirit of the book and that were recorded in the book, but not as a kind of foreground story. In the book, Hermione talks about obliviating her parents, and it’s such a beautiful and haunting story in the book that you felt, “Oh God, we should see that…we should see what that feels like.” And all the wonderful emotional tensions between Harry and Hermione in the book, we thought we’d try to express in a scene of Harry and Hermione dancing in the film, but there was just sort of a distillation of all the lovely moments in the book that we sort of poured into that one scene.

A: 因為我們想要這部電影能包含越多情節越好,這也是為什麼第七集會拆成兩部電影的原因。我會說我們沒有摘掉什麼很重要的東西。我們非常小心翼翼,想要書中的情節呈現的越豐富越好。事實上,我們也加了一些橋段,這在書裡也有稍微寫到,算是精神面的部份,但不算是個前情提要。在書中,妙麗講到對他父母施失意咒的事,這個橋段在書中既淒美又難忘,你會想說:「啊!我們應該要看看到底是怎樣?」而且書中哈利妙麗之間有許多很強的情緒張力,我們也想在哈利妙麗跳舞的那場戲中,嘗試詮釋那種感覺。而且書中有許多令人玩味的情節,我們也是集中在某些橋段,把精華呈現出來。

From Facebook fan Brandon Allen Locke: What was it like to work with Daniel, Rupert and Emma?

Q: 和鐵三角合作的感覺?

It’s so delightful. All the time. And I’ve worked with them now for five years effectively, so it’s a long time seeing the same people all the time. Dan has just outstanding energy and enthusiasm and passion for the work and the people he’s with – it’s always admirable. Emma is bright and funny, conscientious, and always questioning in a good way, and I encourage that. And Rupert hasn’t changed much. He’s always chilled out. And probably the coolest person I know because he’s just got his own way of doing things…his own rhythms. He’s a really impressive young man. So it’s never not been enjoyable. It’s always been a joy. And as we’ve moved towards the end, it becomes more emotionally significant because this is it. They’re going to do their last couple of films now. This is the last time they’re going to play those characters. So, if anything, it became more emotional towards the end.

A: 很開心,跟他們合作都很開心。而且我們合作已經有五年之久了,看著同樣的一批人,那真的相當長的時間。丹尼爾對於工作有著超乎常人的活力和熱情,而跟他一起工作的,也都是非常令人欽佩的專業演員。艾瑪很陽光也很風趣,很認真,常常擇善固執,這是我相當鼓勵的。魯柏沒有改變太多。他很冷靜。大概是我所知最冷靜的人吧!他常常做事情有自己的一套方法和節奏,是一個非常令人讚賞的年輕人。所以我從來都沒有不享受過,這真的是很愉快的一件事。而且當我們快拍到結局的時候,我們越來越感覺這是一回事,因為就到此為止了。他們也要去拍他們接下來的幾部電影了,這是他們最後一次飾演這些角色的機會。所以,如果真的要說,我是覺得越到後面真的越令人感傷。

From Twitter user @deepestdespairs: Which was the most difficult scene to film in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1?
Q: 在《死神的聖物(上)》當中,最難拍的場景是什麼?

The most difficult scene in Deathly Hallows – Part 1 is a big chase sequence in the beginning of the film, which I worked on with another partner I have as I make these films – a chap called Stephen Woolfenden. He’s the second unit director, and he’s a remarkable man. He gets all the tricky bits of action that need to be shot, and much more besides that. He’s like my right hand man, basically. And that sequence took months and months to film, and we had to go on location to tunnels in Liverpool at night with dozens and dozens of stunt cars and stunt drivers, and there were lots of days in rigs inside the studio. And it was difficult because it was complicated. And Stephen shouldered a lot of that. We worked very closely together and I trust him implicitly, and he’s a hugely loyal part of this whole creative team to work with and behind me. So that scene was probably the trickiest I think.

A: 《死神的聖物(上)》最難拍的的戲,是片頭那個追逐的戲碼,我在這邊跟我另外一個長期在系列的一位夥伴合作,他叫Stephen Woolfenden,是片子的二導,也是一個很厲害的人。他掌握所有棘手的動作場面,以及其他事情等等。基本上他就像是我的左右手。那個場景花了好幾個月去拍,我們除了晚上在利物浦的隧道裡面,和許許多多道具車以及特技駕駛合作,還有花了很長一段時間在片場的機械上拍。這場戲很困難的原因,在於動作場面的設計非常複雜,但Stephen分擔了很多重擔。我們合作很密切,我私底下也很信任他,他算是這整個創意團隊非常忠實的夥伴和後盾。所以我想這個場景可以說是最難拍的。

From Facebook fan Erin Hancock: Will this movie be darker and more intense than the 6th one? 

Q: 這部電影會比第六集更黑暗、更緊湊嗎?

I think it is, actually. And they keep getting darker. I think audiences like intensity. What makes it dark is that we’re away from Hogwarts, and Hogwarts is a beautiful place of familiarity and comfort, even when big, bad things happen there. Those walls that surround you there make you feel safe in a way. Because we’re away from Hogwarts with this movie, it has a very different tonality. It’s quite exciting and liberating because of that as well as edgy, and I think audiences like the edgy, dark stuff because it’s part of life in a way and they respect and enjoy it being a part of the storytelling process.

A: 老實說我認為是,而且會越來越黑暗。我想觀眾喜歡緊湊一點。之所以會這麼黑暗,是因為我們已經離開霍格華茲,而不管有什麼大事或壞事發生,霍格華茲一直都是個既溫暖又舒服的美麗地方。到了這個階段,是很刺激、過癮的,可以說是一種前衛,而我想觀眾會喜歡這點前衛、黑暗的東西,算是我們生活的一部份,也是在整個敘事過程,值得保留和享受的部分。

From Facebook fan Omar Dyette: Was it more challenging to film on location than at Hogwarts? 

Q: 在霍格華茲以外的場景拍片會更有挑戰性嗎?

No, it was great. It was really good to be out. Going on location with the crew is a big adventure. And it helps everybody. It clears the mind. When you spend too long in the studio, the rhythms get a bit same-y, and it’s important sometimes to break it up, so we love being on the road. It was really healthy and good.

A: 不會,很棒。我很開心能走到外面拍。帶著整團劇組出外景是場大冒險,而且這也讓每個人的腦袋能清楚一點。當你在棚內花了太長的時間,你的節奏會漸漸變得一…成…不…變,有時能打破這樣的局面也是很重要的,我們很喜歡出去走走。這對我們來說是件很健康、很有好處的事。

From Facebook fan Nur Dinah Syafiqah: Which was the MOST enjoyable and memorable part throughout the whole process of filming the movie?

Q: 拍攝過程中,你最喜歡也最難忘的時候?

It’s mainly working with the people you work with – you have such fun. Film sets can sometimes be places of great tension and politics because movies cost so much money to make, and everyone’s desperate that they go right. It doesn’t always bring out the best in people. With Harry Potter, there’s the complete opposite of that – it brings out the best in people. Because the series is successful, the studio feels safe, we feel safe, we get on with our work, and we all come to work wanting to give the best. Whether you’re an actor, you work in wardrobe or you do the visual effects, you’re working on Harry Potter, so you put in a lot, and, consequently, there’s a really good vibe and that means you create relationships and build relationships and you have a lot of fun as you make these movies. And so I kind of miss that energy. It’s like a big family. That’s something that will be sad to let go. 

A: 主要就是能和同事合作,你會有一種樂趣。在片場裡,有時氣氛上變的非常緊張和政治化。因為一部電影要花很多很多錢,加上每個人都拼命堅持自己是對的,有時這種合作型態不太能帶出人們的潛力。但我在拍《哈利波特》時,這是一種完全相反的狀況:每個人都發揮到極致。因為這系列很成功,片商安心,我們也安心,於是當我們開始工作時,我們都能以想要做到最好的心情為之,全力以赴。當你是個演員,不管是你在試戲服還是在拍攝特效場景,你都是為了《哈利波特》這部電影,所以你能盡全力來表現,而這到最後變成是一種良好的氛圍,這表示你創造並建立了一種關係,你也喜歡這整個拍攝過程。我有點想念那種活力。就像是個大家庭一樣。這是某個你不想放掉的東西。

From Facebook fan Vito Scocozzo IV: If you could pick any prop to keep, what would it be?

Q: 如果你可以選一些道具留下來,你會選什麼?

Well, I have a couple of nice props, which were gifts. I didn’t steal them. I was thinking about trying to stuff them in my briefcase and get through security, but I was worried about getting caught, and that wouldn’t be a good headline. I was given a Beedle the Bard book, which is the book that Hermione reads in Deathly Hallows, which was a gift from Dumbledore to Hermione, and I have the Deathly Hallows symbol. I also have a wand. The props department is amazing on Harry Potter. There’s a chap there called Peter Dorme, who works with Stuart Craig and Stephanie McMillan, and towards the end of shooting, they presented me with a wand, which I can use on my next film, of course. They’re the things I’m taking away… legitimately. 

A: 這個嘛,我有一些好道具,像是禮物之類的。我沒偷喔!我曾想過怎麼把他們塞到我的行李裡面,然後通過安檢,可是我也怕這樣被抓,這可不是多好看的頭版標題。有人送我一本《吟遊詩人皮陀故事集》,這是妙麗在《死神的聖物》裡讀的書,是鄧不利多送她的,我也有一副死神聖物的符號。我也有一支魔杖呢!道具部門真是了不起。那邊有個傢伙叫Peter Dorme,和Stuart Craig以及Stephanie McMillan一起工作的,當到了電影殺青的時刻,他們送我魔杖當禮物,而這當然在我下一部片可以用的到。這些是我帶走的,合法的喔!

From Facebook fan Jorel Andrew Flauta: Is there a possibility for a movie adaptation of The Tales of Beedle the Bard? 

Q: 《吟遊詩人皮陀故事集》有可能改編成電影嗎?

Oh, wow, that’s a great idea. I think that’s a really smashing idea. I think Jo would have to give her blessing to that whole notion, and I’m sure it’s been discussed or conceived as a great idea within the studio. Honestly, I’m concentrating on getting Part 2 ready and then having a break. Then I need to get away from wizard-y things for a bit because I’ve been doing it for five-and-a-half years, so I’m probably going to look for something completely different to do straight after.

A: 哇!這真是一個好主意!我想這真的是個相當好的建議,Jo(指這問題的粉絲)可以祝福這個夢想早日成真了。我相信針對這個想法,電影公司已經有充分的討論和設想過。不過說真的,我正準備將下集製作完然後好好休息一下,暫時遠離這個魔法世界。因為我已經在裡面待了五年半的時間了,所以我大概之後會做一些完全不同的事情吧?

From Facebook fan Shane Christopher Kivell: David - how do you feel about this mega series ending, and what will you take from these movies to future films you will direct? 

Q: 你怎麼看待這個大結局?你又會從中帶什麼東西到未來你的導演生涯中呢?

Well, I’ll always try to take the vibe that we have, which is to remove fear from the process as much as possible. You encourage and you try and inspire people to bring the best out of them. That’s the kind of ethos of making these films – they allow them to be what they are. And visual effects experience. I’ve learned so much about visual effects. When I started these movies with The Order of the Phoenix, I had never made a visual effects picture. And now I’ve made four big ones. I’ve learned a lot and feel very comfortable about the currency of how you present visual effects and how you deliver and conceive them. So that’s what I’ll probably take with me. And some amazing memories of the people and being a part of this whole incredible thing.

A: 這個嘛,我會嘗嘗試著帶著這種氛圍去拍片,就是那種在過程中,情況再糟你都不怕的氣氛。你會鼓勵、嘗試去啟發別人去發揮出最好的一面。拍這系列時就是這種精神,每個人都能做他們自己。還有經營視覺特效的經驗。我從中學到很多特效的技巧。當我拍《鳳凰會的密令》時,我完全沒有拍過特效片。現在我已經拍了四部,我學到很多,也漸漸對於如何呈現和建構流暢的特效游刃有餘。所以這大概是我會帶走的,還有一些和人很棒的回憶,以及參與這種大製作經驗也是。


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