When it comes to English learning, generally our English capability peaks while receiving the very first college exam paper. Afterward, it would be an immediate and horrible downfall, or rather, free fall! I mean, why the hell are we so emphasizing on English like it's the end of the world? Is it because we lack national self-esteem, we wanna keep up with the main stream only to end up following the stream? Who the hell are we? Why not create our OWN stream?

On the other hand, Japanese learning indeed shows how its recreational culture affects ours. Except for those learning it by historical reasons, most people study it on the basis of interests. The funny thing is that Japan could be a strong competiter on Earth, as far as Americans are concerned, and hell of people would like to learn its language for academic purposes. As a consequence, Japs seems to be an adequate contrast to Engs.

Wait a second! What about Chinese? The teacher might tell you that we learn Chinese for the purpose of cultivating our moral judgement. How lovely! But don't give a shit to it so quickly! In fact, there is a hell much more wisdoms within Chinese literature than that in English ones. So it's a good thing to give a damn shit to those alien languages and to support our own. Unfortunately, we live in a modern society, so it would possibly be us serving the masters in other countries in the near future.

From the way we learn a foreign language, I saw nothing but an unreasonable worship.


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